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The Presidential Truth Filter and the Search For Meaning

Fuzzy Math is the latest Presidential Parody from The Bots, utilizing the revolutionary Presidential Truth Filter(PTF). The PTF operates like this: All presidential statements are recorded, and made into a huge database. The database is searchable by speech, phrase, keyword, emotional intensity, etc. In parallel, an analysis is made of the historical circumstances of the particular presidency. The question must be asked, what is this man (all men so far...) really all about? What is a defining characteristic of this presidency? The final question which must be addressed by the PTF is, how can we use the assets in the database to concatenate the truth, and make the President speak it? The first attempt was Bushwack, in 1992. This turned into a huge hit before the Presidential election in 1992, though BMI denied that it was ever on the air at all. Through October of that year, stations such as San Francisco's Live105 were playing it almost hourly. In 1997 Rock The House was a popular download at an early digital music download startup, In 2003 Bushwack2 was released at about the start of the Iraq war. The mood of the song is quite grim, as the truth of those times was interpreted by the PTF. In 2004, the PTF was reprogrammed to emphasize economics and general silliness, and Fuzzy Math was born. We think it's the best one yet. Judge the results for yourself.

Click the above image to see the Fuzzy Math flash animation.
Below are all the Presidential mixes currently available from The Bots:

Fuzzy Math (2004, vocals by George W Bush, 3.2 megabytes)
Bushwack2 (2003, vocals by George W Bush, 3 megabytes)
Rock The House (1997, vocals by Bill Clinton, 3.1 megabytes)
Bushwack(1992, vocals by George HW Bush, 3.1 megabytes)

If you would like to make your own presidential parody, please check out our public domain archive of GWBush samples. They're free to use, and we're having a contest where you can match your audio editing and parody skills with The Bots and compete for fun prizes!